Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Stuff about SCVMM Templates

Revisiting previous code projects can be an exercise in hair-pulling. For example, in my previous blog post I mentioned creating a VM deployment script. Due to some issues with binaries, the need to revisit the code has come up recently, to add an option for creating VMs with a GUI, rather than as Core. The code worked when it was just dealing with one choice, but adding a very simple -InstallGui switch turned out to be a little more complex than originally thought.

Constant errors stating the following were the main contention:

 New-SCVMTemplate : VMM is unable to process one or more of the provided cmdlet parameters. (Error ID: 1600)  

Needless to say, this is a bit non-specific! After a lot of frantic searching of blog posts and whatnot, and complete inability to find a relevant fix, I decided to scrape through the code and remove parameters one by one. Eventually, the Template parameter seemed to show up as a potential problem.


Inspecting the template I was intending to use, I noticed something - there was no OS Configuration section, therefore no ability to pass parameters such as Domain or DomainJoinCredential. Fixing this resolved the above error.

Now, on to simultaneous deployments!

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