Thursday, 4 May 2017

Kicked to the 'kurb'

Ever had that feeling that gremlins are at work? Keep going round in circles and start contemplating a career change? Well...

I have been struggling with getting Reporting Services 2016 configured to use Windows Authentication, ala kerberos (as my previous post alluded). In the past this has been a relatively trivial task but this last week I have found new depths of despair and frustration. So let me explain the scenario:

GIVEN a reporting services server that is built by DSC
AND the ReportServer service is running on port 80
AND the ReportServer.config file has been modified (see docs)
WHEN the HTTP/ SPN is added for myaccount
THEN Windows Authentication is enabled for SSRS :-)
AND PowerShell remote sessions (WinRM) is broken :-(

So, me thinking I was clever, simply added port 80 to the SPN definition which fixed WinRM and broke SSRS. That sucks! It seems you can only have one or the other.

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